Koseki Inc.

Koseki Inc. is a Tohoku based trading company specialized in medical equipment, audio-visual and IT equipment, camera equipment and event video production.

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President's Greeting

Our aim is to become the most trusted company in the Tohoku region.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for your consideration so far.
I think as an employer, my main job is to provide a stable life to my employees. To do so we need to maintain the company which serves as our workplace. I believe that the most important thing to keep the business running and develop the company is getting our clients who have supported us, our business partners and the locals in the Tohoku region to feel and understand the existential value of our company. Our aim is that every employee become a trusted and reputed person in the community. I don’t believe that we should always put selfish thinking first, rather we should aim “co-existence”, share our knowledge, cooperate, and do not spare any effort to contribute to the happiness of the people in the region. Our employees are unified under the idea that, “The people and new encounters are important.”, and the motto of “Love and trust the people.” We always work with gratitude in mind to make other people happy in everyday business life.
We kindly ask for your continued support and understanding.

President and CEO Masatake Koseki


Koseki Inc.
TEL +81-22-272-2211 / FAX+81-22-272-2222
2-26, Amamiya-machi, Tsutsumidori, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 981-0914

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