Koseki Inc.

Koseki Inc. is a Tohoku based trading company specialized in medical equipment, audio-visual and IT equipment, camera equipment and event video production.

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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

To earn the trust of our clients, we established and operate a quality management system that satisfy laws, regulations and aim to improve customer satisfaction. As we aspire to be a leading trading company, committed to provide products, systems and services, we continuously improve our system and promote the following efforts in order to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities.

  • We think from the perspective of our clients in order to understand their needs accurately and act quickly.
  • We contribute to society by satisfying the needs of our clients, providing products, systems and services related to recording and reproduction.
  • In order to further develop our company, all employees are engaging in continuous self-improvement and personal-development to become a trusted and reputed person.
  • The whole company is working as one to fulfill all requirements and promoting the continuous improvement of the quality management system.

April 1, 2017
Koseki Co., Ltd.
President & CEO Masatake Koseki

ISO9001 Certification

Koseki Inc. acquired the international standard ISO9001:2008 certification for quality management system, which helps ensure that customers get consistent, good quality products and services. We are committed to the continuous revision of our quality management system and improving customer satisfaction.

Applicable standards
Scope of registration
medical equipment and peripheral equipment, pharmaceuticals, medical films, industrial films, information processing equipment, communication equipment, installment of peripheral devices (e.g. audio equipment and video equipment), sales, design, construction and services
Applicable offices
Headquarters、Aomori office、Hachinohe branch、Morioka office、Sendai office、Fukushima office、Koriyama office、Iwaki branch, Promotion Services Department
Registration examining organization
Intertek Certification Japan LTD.
Registered certification number
Date registered
November 14, 2002 (ISO9001:2000 certification)
December 16, 2009 (ISO9001:2008 certification)


Koseki Inc.
TEL +81-22-272-2211 / FAX+81-22-272-2222
2-26, Amamiya-machi, Tsutsumidori, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 981-0914

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