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Koseki Inc. is a Tohoku based trading company specialized in medical equipment, audio-visual and IT equipment, camera equipment and event video production.

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Promotion Services

Our Promotion Services Department offers rental of professional audio-video equipment.
Based on our professional experience we also offer assistance on video recording and other professional event video services. Our clients include events, exhibitions, conferences and more.

Tohoku Fukushi University@Tohoku Fukushi University - Graduation Ceremony 2008x
Sendai Collection Executive Committee gSendai Collection 2008h
"Sendai Collection" is an outdoor fashion show staged in the arcade of Sendai city center. Our company was responsible for the live video broadcasting of the event using two cameras...
 International Exchange Office, Exchange Policy Division, Sendai City HallgBelarus, Minsk - Photo Exhibition and  Introductionh
gBelarus, Minsk - Photo Exhibition and Introductionh - International Exchange Office, Exchange Policy Division, Sendai City Hall
Introduction event of Sendaifs sister city, sponsored by the International Exchange Office of the Sendai City Hall. The exhibition presented 100 photographs of Minsk, followed by a presentation about the city...
Sendai Collection Executive Committee@Sendai Collection 2008
Tohoku Fukushi University - Graduation Ceremony 2008
The ceremony was held in the gFukujyudenh building, located within the University campus. We installed two temporary screens and high-brightness projectors on both sides of the stage...


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