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Koseki Inc. is a Tohoku based trading company specialized in medical equipment, audio-visual and IT equipment, camera equipment and event video production.

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Retail Stores

Koseki Camera Phototec is the biggest used-camera store in the Tohoku region. It has been a meeting point for camera-maniacs and has been promoting the joy of photography through cameras and photo printing since the foundation of our company.
Inc-tec offers imported postcards and other paper related items to deliver you the fun of handwriting letters and handcrafting items.

Phototec The biggest stock of used cameras and lenses in Tohoku!
Phototec “The biggest stock of used cameras and lenses in Tohoku.”
Sale and purchase of used cameras and lenses, camera repair, etc. We help you with anything that involves cameras. Ask our veteran staff about camera maintenance and photography technique!
Inc-tec The biggest selection of import postcards in Tohoku!
Inc-tec “The biggest selection of import postcards in Tohoku.”
We promise high quality paper craft & scrapbooking supplies. We are also holding photo sessions and masking-tape classrooms to help you discover the simple joy of handcrafting.
Koseki Camera - Sendai Mitsukoshi Shop
Koseki Camera - Sendai Mitsukoshi Shop “Professional printing service.”
There are many different ways to enjoy a photograph; you can take it, look at it, you can give it away, or leave it to your kids. We will help you to hold amazing photos in your hand and feel good while you do it.


Koseki Inc.
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2-26, Amamiya-machi, Tsutsumidori, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 981-0914

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