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Koseki Inc. is a Tohoku based trading company specialized in medical equipment, audio-visual and IT equipment, camera equipment and event video production.

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Software Development

In the Software Development Department we provide IT system solution services for various clients including the medical industry and educational facilities. Our aim is to provide “trusted development”. We work hard to continuously improve our technology while sharing the "pleasure of developing", the "pleasure of providing service" and the "pleasure to be at service" with our clients.

We provide our system solution services focusing on the following three points:

Technical skills
We are further improving our engineering skills with creativity and imagination.
We satisfy any demands using our experience from our past achievements.
Everything for our clients
We develop our applications from our client’s perspective, to provide the best possible user experience.

System services

Information System Consulting
Information System Consulting
We offer comprehensive range of consulting services, from conducting surveys to operational planning. We will create the most ideal system environment that suites your needs.
■ KOSEKI Radiation Therapy RIS (KRatis)
A new system, created from the perspective of radiation therapy specialists. It has a user interface that continues to evolve along with the further development of radiation therapy, makes the integrated data management easier between different departments and uses system coordination which helps to reduce duplicated input.

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>Contracted Development of Business Systems and Applications
Contracted Development of Business Systems and Applications
We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients not only by designing various systems and software development, but also by providing system operation management and terminal operation contract services.
■ MWM Worklist Server (K-MWM - Koseki Modality Worklist Management)
A DICOM information linking server which allows to directly transfer patient data, required for screening tests to the modality terminal. It also improves the efficiency of the screening, and prevents mistypes.

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■ Mobile Monitoring System for Operating Rooms(K-IBS)
This web application system allows the hospital staff to check on the operating rooms by mobile video transfer from anywhere in the building.

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Network Setup
Network Setup
We help you plan the right network to fit your needs. We supply and install all equipment to set up the optimal network environment for you.

ASP Service

ASP service
Internet applications that supports your business.
  • ■ Patient appointment reservation system for clinics
  • ■ ASP electronic medical records (FC21)


Koseki Inc.
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